Visiting More Markets for Shopping Traditions Indonesia

Shopping traditions Indonesia can be a perfect activity for the visitors who travel around Indonesia. You should not always go to the tourism places such as beaches or historical site just to know more about Indonesia. A visit to some traditional market can be a perfect choice to explore about Indonesia. Many traditional markets of Indonesia have different characteristics that are recommended to be visited. You may see some uniqueness of how the transactions done by the sellers and the buyers.

If you need to fulfill your daily needs especially to buy some fresh vegetables and meats to cook, the traditional market in Indonesia will offer you the best products. You do not need to worry about the price. All things are sold in low price. If you find the price is too high you can bargain it for better expenses. In these following points, you may see some traditional markets that can be the destinations for travelling around Indonesia and fulfill your daily needs.

  1. Terapung Market in Muara Kuin River Banjarmasin can be the first visit. This market is unique as all trade activities are done above the river using the boats. Every seller will use their boat to offer the stuffs they sell. The buyers will also use their boats to see the stuffs they need from the sellers. You may feel as excited as you do not only go for shopping but also experiencing to travel yourself on the boat.
  2. Klithikan Market, Solo. In Java Island, you may find Klithikan market that is well known by its secondhand shopping traditions Indonesia. You may find antique things in this market, such as old lighter, old coins, and many other else. What you need to know is be careful and take care of your belongings. Some rumors say that many pickpockets in this market. So, please watch yourself with your belongings.
  3. Pasty Market. Pasty market is a place for you who love animals and plants. This market is located in Yogyakarta. You will find many animals such as cats, dogs, birds, and many other else. On the other hand across the animal market, there is the market place for the plants. You can see the variety of plants that can be bought in nice prices too.
  4. Triwindu market is also another antique market in Solo. You will be able to explore much unique and antique stuff in this market. If you want to get the best price, please bargain the price with the sellers. You can win the things you want to buy with low price.

After knowing all markets above, your visit to Indonesia will not be disappointing. Through the market, you will also be able to see how the people of Indonesia doing transactions especially the markets are located in different regions. All after the visits, you may enjoy your journey because there are still many things you need to see in Indonesia. You have already succeeded also to do cheap shopping traditions Indonesia in many traditional markets above.