Remove Cellulite From Unwanted Body Areas Without Pain!

Cellulite refers to a condition where subcutaneous fat deposits build-up beneath the skin of a person especially in the regions of the thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen. As the fat deposits and fluids, start to accumulate the connective tissues that support and join the skin to the various muscles and internal structures become weak.  Due to this, an individual appears to have a typically dimple façade. Experts in the field of dermatology say cellulite is widespread problem among women and its effective treatment has become a major issue today. They say excess body weight, a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits are primary causes for this condition.

Choose a clinic with a good reputation in the market

People who want to undergo body-contouring treatments to eradicate cellulite from their bodies need ensure the doctors conducting the procedures have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience. Sono Bello is leading cosmetic surgery clinic in the United States that is making a name for itself by introducing state of the art and innovative body-contouring treatments for both men and woman. It is most popular brand product VelaShape has the approval of the Food and Drug Administration has safe and effective non-surgical procedure for removing cellulite. This prominent healthcare centre has branches in over 32 locations across America and employs over 100 board-certified cosmetic and facial plastic surgeons. Each of these specialists has the reputation of being the most sought after experts in their respective fields of cosmetic surgery. They are responsible for carrying out 10,000 successful body-transformation procedures until date for the satisfaction of their clients.

The experts of this prominent cosmetic surgery clinic say that cellulite affects the female section of the population more than the male. They state that the medical fraternity associate hormone, genetic and lifestyle factors with the development of cellulite in women:

  • Hormones

These specialists explain that estrogen is the main hormone responsible for the creation and development of cellulite in the human body. Its primary task is to decide the number of fat cells in an individual and their location. An imbalance in this hormone results in a number of health issues that doctors associate with obesity especially when there is an increase in cortisol levels. This is because this stress hormone makes the body accumulate fat, weakens veins, lead to fluid retention and gain in weight.

  • Genetics and aging

Many experts in the field of dermatology and cosmetic surgery hold the view genetic and heredity factors play a critical role in the development of cellulite in an individual. This implies that if a person has a relative with a medical history of cellulite, there is a strong probability he/she may have it. Moreover, cellulite becomes worse when women reach the age of 30 because at this age the skin reaches its maximum thickness.  

  • Lifestyle factors

These surgeons go on to explain that people who tend to lead a sedentary life are more likely to develop cellulite in their bodies in comparison to those who have a healthy lifestyle.

The experts from Sono Bello say that paying attention to the above factors goes a long way in minimizing the appearance of cellulite.