Redusa- a know how

Redusa is familiar for majority of the people who are on their journey to reduce weight. It’s one among varieties of phentermine brands which are available through prescription. Redusa is recommended for users who have a BMI of over 30 or overweight individuals who have weight related issues.


Among many brands of phentermine redusa is one and it is very popular. This is in use from 1950s. Redusa comes under a group of drugs which are called amphetamines. These are considered as stimulants which aid in weight loss. by UN convention and by FDA this type of drugs are classified into schedule 4 controlled substances.

These have low chance of addiction and abuse. There is a valid reason behind their medical use. For majority of the users Redusa is very effective and safe but for some it may lead to negative effects.

Cost of redusa:

This drug is manufactured and distributed in Hong Kong. There is online information about its cost and the places it can be found. It is important to compare the prices between few pharmacies before buying it. It can be purchased only with prescription. Read the medical information for Redusa.

How it works?

It works through stimulating CNS or central nervous system. It comes with unique effects which aid in weight loss process. Initial it will boost energy levels. This leads to significant improvement in activities and exercise levels.

After that it will have impacts on metabolism and it improves it. This results in burning more and more calories throughout the day. Along with this it stimulates central nervous system and this is why users feel full between their meals. So they will not take big meals and there will not be any urge to have snacks. All these things aid in faster weight loss.

Clinical experiments:

There are studies who have reported how this phentermine helps in losing weight. Studies have done comparison between people who followed only diet and exercise for weigh loss with those who accompanied these along with taking phentermine.

The comparison reported that people who have taken phentermine received more weight loss results than those who followed only diet and exercise.

This drug must be used for short interval of time. This is because it is a stimulant for CNS. So, this is best in initial days of usage. That is why people who need some jump start in their weight loss program can take Redusa. Each and every individual has different experience with Redusa. This is because reasons behind weight gain are different.


Users, who are looking for loosing considerable amount of weight, should follow a proper and balanced diet program.

Side effects:

There will be few negative effects that may be experienced by Redusa. Common side effect experience is insomnia or difficulties with sleeping.  This is because it is good and improving energy and stimulating central nervous system. This can be avoided by taking the pill in early morning with breakfast. If it is consumed later in the day, then user will experience issues with sleep.