Ntw Designs Case Study: Meet Web Visitor Requirements

There are billions of web visitors around the world browsing the net on a daily basis. Multiple times a day,  a web visitor searches google for a question, nearby company, or specific curiosity they may have in mind.  In each search engine, the best and most accurate search results are found at the top of the list ( the beginning pages), while the other domains are listed on the other pages. Each category or search term may have between 15 to 40 pages with 10 plus domains in each page and some header and footer ads included.  Visitors always look for specific things online. Read more below and discover how you can meet web visitor online requirements.

Behind the Research: Ntw designs is an experienced web design company that provides custom web solutions, but also provides advanced marketing research. Business research is one of the most important to be conducted before starting any web project as it leads a designer or programmer in the right direction. Over the years of research, Ntw Designs has picked up certain habits that every web visitor has and now Ntw Designs has created this new web study.

What Visitors Look For in a Web Design: Visitors have most of the same things that they look for in a web design. The first thing that every visitor looks for is web page performance. This means how fast a website loads, broken links, compatible CSS and layout in all browsers. By performing an SEO audit and a cross browsers test, it is much easier to satisfy the needs in terms of performance for the average web visitor. A cross browser test will test out a website layout in all different browsers. Sometimes, certain code may not work in all browsers ( especially older browsers).  This is why by conducting a cross-browser test, it can help identify what a website looks like in all browsers and if anything needs fixing. The second thing that most visitors look for is web design. The design and ease of a page can make a visitor become more interested in a website or exit it completely.

Meet Visitor Requirements Online: Web visitors base a companies website popularity on its social following and website page rank. If a web visitor searches a term and clicks on a website that appears on the first page, it is likely that the web visitor will see that page as trusted and expect accurate information to come out of it. By increase SEO ranks and social postings, a website will become more visible online.