No More Distractions: Building a Granny Flat as Your Home Office

It is easy to understand why working from home is becoming a trend in Australia. Apart from providing flexibility in terms of work hours, this setup can also help you save on all associated costs, including transportation, food, and clothing. Other benefits include avoiding traffic, less stressful environment, and more time with the family.

While working from home has plenty of benefits, it also has its own pitfalls. One main disadvantage is domestic or home distractions. Blissful silence is not always achievable, and in some cases, you’ll find yourself dealing with disturbances that can prevent you from being productive. This is especially true if you don’t have a proper home office or working environment.

Having an extremely casual office or a working space that is not efficiently detached or disconnected from your home can actually hurt your productivity. This is because it will prompt you to look for ways to separate yourself and your work from natural home interruptions. You need a private and a convenient space that will let you concentrate without distraction.

A Granny Flat is Your Saviour

If your property has enough space to build a granny flat, this could be a perfect choice for your home office. This will efficiently separate from you the rest of your home and associated distractions. A granny flat, for the most part, will give your privacy and make sure that you’ll have minimal interruptions while working.

A laptop on a kitchen counter or table may seem fine, but it only sets you up for distractions throughout the day. It is also not advisable to put up a table in your bedroom and work in the same space where you relax and sleep. A detached room like a granny flat is one of the best ways to have an efficient home office that can be cost-effective for the long-term.

A Customised Working Space

The best thing about granny flats is that they are customisable. It can have a bathroom and kitchen, which means that you’ll have everything you need in a working space. It is advisable to consult specialist designers to help you create a customised office. A granny flat design can be converted to a working space that can suit the type of work you need.

With the right design or layout, you’ll have a sense of separation between your work and home life. You won’t have to worry about a family member watching TV in the next room or children playing noisily while talking to clients or accomplishing a cognitively demanding task. You can even invite clients or guests to your home office and provide a professional meeting space.

A Space Just for You

Depending on the space available, your granny flat can be a basic home office with a bathroom and a small kitchen. It can also be converted into a personal training studio, ideal if you’re working as a fitness coach. This will allow you to entertain clients and do your business without any domestic interruption. This can make working from home easier and more convenient.

Fox Transportables is a private company in West Australia offering customised granny flats and transportable buildings. We can help you design and build a professional working space in the form of a granny flat. You can rely on our exceptional craftsmanship and professional construction in providing you with the best building available. To learn more about our services or find out how we can help you build an inspiring home office, give us a call on (08) 6377 8335 or 0449 634 100.

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