Food Is Very Important, But Only If You Practice Moderate Eating, Not Over-Eating

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Human body is like a machine and a machine needs its fuel to run. If you take a look at cars, trains, ships and aero planes, you will obviously notice that they all run on fuels and they cannot move even an inch without fuel. Therefore, no life is possible without food as it serves as fuel for the human body and makes it function. And, if you notice those modes of transportation even closely, you will find that a machine cannot run on just any fuel, it requires a particular type of fuel to run. A machine that is designed to run on petrol will run on petrol only and not on water, and if you try to dilute petrol with water, it will affect the efficiency of the machine and it might also result in a permanent loss to its mechanism.

Types and functions of food

Do not eat any food:  there are some foods that should be minimized in one’s diet, such as foods rich in sugars, fats and salts. They can result in various side effects like higher bad cholesterol. Water is very important to the human body, so it should be included in the diet. For the body to truly benefit from it, food must contain all the necessary nutrients for the body, because each element is a key factor in many of the vital functions within the body. Healthy food in the human body provides the energy necessary to carry out all activities to the fullest. Proteins work to build cells, regenerate damaged cells, and build muscle.

Calcium and phosphorus found in the food enter the bones and teeth and strengthen them. Many foods contain antioxidants that protect the body from cancer. Some make the body grow properly. Eating healthy food keeps the body weight within the ideal range, which increases the efficiency of the person. Healthy eating has a great effect on making the skin more fresh and vibrant, and improves the health of hair.

Fiber in vegetables and fruits facilitates digestion and prevents disturbances in the digestive system. It strengthens the immune system in the body and makes it more resistant to diseases. It also helps in improving brain capabilities, thus increasing concentration, cognitive abilities and memory strengthening. To enjoy a healthy life and to live longer, food is the most essential part of our life.