Can you stack Anavar with other supplements? How does it work on women?

Anavar, also known as  Oxandrolone, on its own works wonders and beginning with lower dosage and increasing as your body gets used to the rigours of the drug will help you assess its effect on your physiology. If you feel that Anavar alone hasn’t given the desired results then you can opt for other supplements to go with it but this all depends on your body accepts it as each individual’s tolerance levels vary. But it is definitely recommended that sticking to Anavar only will also give you good results.

To make sure that Oxandrolone can be used, do get yourself checked for diseases like thyroid, cholesterol levels, heart diseases, any type of cardiovascular related issues, diabetes etc. This medicine is not safe for pregnant woman and can cause birth defects in unborn baby. Also avoid Oxandrolone if you are breast feeding.

oxandrolona es su baja toxicidad. There are many dangerous side effects of Oxandrolone on liver and blood vessels. Due to this, conditions like cancer, heart attack, internal bleeding or liver failure may occur without any symptoms of development of these illnesses.

Anavar majorly acts as cutting steroid for women and is also performance enhancers for body builders and athletes. It is one of the most powerful steroids that works extremely well on both male and female body.

The benefits of Anavar for women

There is visible change in the physical strength and the women can now do more strenuous workouts than before the use of Anavar. Since there is little water retention in the muscles, so there is permanent muscle gains.The body flexibility is increased along with muscle gain which is a dual advantage of Anavar usage.

The body fat is lost with use of Anavar coupled with right diet and exercise regimen. The use of Anavar gives a muscular gain throughout the cycle of use and this can actually be seen.

Female athletes feel that it is good way to enhance the performance with the use of Anavar it has been a performance booster.

It is also seen that after every steroid cycle that the individual has to undergo post cycle therapy. But for Anavar this isn’t so, you need not undertake PCT.

It can thus be concluded that Anavar is the best bet in town for women who want an enviable toned physique with little to no side effects.

Side effects of Anavar in women

  • These side effects are hair growth all over the body.
  • Balding of the hair especially the front area.
  • The enlargement of the clitoris in the vagina.
  • The deepening of the voice
  • A change in the facial structure of the female to larger features such as large jaw and forehead.

Women will be more receptive to the oxandrolone hormone release and hence they will not need large amounts of Anavar to get the desired result which would be heavy on the pocket. Women would need a few milligrams to attain what they want. It is always good to talk to your practicing doctors for more knowhow before getting started.