6 Fantastic Tips To Style One-Shoulder Bridesmaids’ Dresses Beautifully

If you are wondering if you should choose one-shoulder dresses for your bridesmaids and if they will right for your girls or not, here are some tips that can help you make the right decision and also instruct your maids how to style the one-shoulder dresses.

Actually, what can be more sensual than a one-shoulder dress that is provocative yet not overly exposing! So, your choice is correct – don’t worry about that!

In fact, if you want your bridesmaids to look stunning while being photographed with you, one-shoulder dresses will be perhaps the most appropriate outfits for them. Look for a range of them at Bridesmaids Only.

However, apart from being sensual, one-shoulder dresses are tricky to wear and so, you should be keen in making your girls know how to style their dresses perfectly. You can also instruct them about accessorizing properly so as to look gorgeous.

1. Let Them Try the Dresses

While one-shoulder dresses have a beautiful neckline, unfortunately it doesn’t suit everyone. If some of your bridesmaids are bustier than others, it becomes trickier for them to wear these dresses properly.

Here the solution is to let them try the dresses before you buy them so as to make sure if they fit properly. Make sure your girls won’t look like candies wrapped in the dresses!

2. Careful Choice of Undergarments

While shopping for one shoulder bridesmaid dresses from Bridesmaids Only, for example, make sure you buy proper undergarments for your girls. It’s very important to wear a good strapless bra underneath this type of dress.

Even if they have got their regular bras that are chic with straps that may have pearls or sequins, they will look just terrible under a gorgeous style like one-shoulder dress.

Also tell your bridesmaids to make sure the bra doesn’t show on the backside while trying the dress. A bra showing out in this way may be an awful fashion mistake that may ruin the looks of your bridal party.

3. No-no to Layers

Yes, layers should be strictly prohibited. When the actual goal of one-shoulder dresses is to flaunt one’s lovely shoulders, covering them with cardigans or blazers makes no sense.

And as such, this style of dresses is particularly meant for warmer seasons like summer and spring. So, layering is not just suitable.

4. Choose Solid Colours

If some of your girls are not comfortable with this trend, maybe since they have never worn this style before or for any other reason, before choosing another style for them, try to convince them by choosing a solid colour.

You can also suggest them to experiment with accessories to spice it up. Of course, you can help them in that.

5. A Belt is Essential

A belt is a lifesaver for every style of dress because it highlights the waist and overall flatters the body. And when it’s about the one-shoulder dresses, a belt can give a cool hourglass shape to your girls; so, they will be happy.

6. Choose Perfect Jewelry

While choosing jewelry for your maids to wear with their one-shoulder dresses, the best option is to keep it simple. Necklaces are no-no because they will hamper the gorgeous neckline of the dress, as the neckline is the main attraction of these dresses.

Still, if you or the girls want to wear necklaces, choose something like a choker because it will remain close to the neck and won’t interfere with the neckline.

If the dresses already have embellishments like gems or sequins, then too you have to choose only a few pieces of jewelry so as to avoid overdoing it.

On the other hand, if the dresses are very simple, choose a generous amount of accessories like a pair of statement earrings etc, particularly if the girls are going to style their hair in a bun.

Thus, a single style of dress will spice up the look of your bridal party making you stress-free and enjoy your big day!